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The Western Prodigy Multi-Position Wing Plow is Western's most versatile, heavy-duty plow. The multi-position blade has wings that automatically position themselves during plowing. The moldboard is made of powerful 12 gauge steel that is protected by the Ultrafinish baked-on powder coat. The plow is controlled from in the cab and uses the Fleet Flex electrical system for interchangeablility between plows. The Security Guard anti-theft system prevents unauthorized users from operating the plow. With the Western trip-edge design, only the edge of the blade trips when an obstacle is hit, keeping the load of snow in front of the plow. When the plow position is switched, a powerful compression spring and cable assembly adjusts the wings to allow for superior windrowing action. Attaching the plow takes less than a minute using Western's UltraMount 2 mount. Using the chain lift system, higher stacking is achievable and the reliable, Western-built hydraulics provide quick, precise moment while plowing. The Western Prodigy Multi-Position Wing Plow is the powerful, versatile tool that many professionals choose over and over again.